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This User Privacy Policy, and all policies posted on our sites forms an integral part from the terms of uses for all the sites and application belonging to Euromed and any of its sisters companies. 

The website shall not collect personal information about you while you access the website; unless you specifically and willingly choose to provide such information to us. If you do that, we shall use such details only to process your application for obtaining information or services. By using this website, you approve and accept these terms and conditions for privacy

The website shall reserve the right to make any minor or major change in privacy policy terms and conditions from time to time without any prior notice. If you continue using the portal after making any changes to the privacy policy, this means that you accept them.

Your collected personal information will be accessible only to EUROMED or sister companies’ employees who have a need to know it to deliver you the service or information you request. The latters are under obligation to respect your personal information.

This site is entitled to take measures as it deems appropriate for protection from any loss, misuse or alteration of information on the website, without the guarantee in this case, or maintaining the confidentiality of the contents of this website, and without being legally responsible for any damage or compensation to the user or any other person as a result of a violation of the confidentiality of the information reported to the site.

This site implements the procedures for the protection of information loss or misuse or change. However, the site could not guarantee the confidentiality of your use, and is not responsible for any damage to you or to any other person as a result of a violation of confidentiality on the information to be reported to the site.

This site use cookies and web beacons and other tech cookies, which allows us to serve you better, faster and secure. These files collect and store personal information or data of a personal nature for you; therefore, you agree that we use these cookies as long as you use the site. You can control these files via the browser controls whether activated or conceal it voluntarily, while this does not guarantee the smooth quality and operability of the site as a result of your decision.

Use and retention
We use the personal information we collect to: provide and improve our Services, provide you with a personalized experience on our sites (especially, by offering you services and items that you may like), contact you about your account and our Services, provide you customer service, provide you with personalized advertising and marketing, and detect, prevent, mitigate, and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities.
We retain your personal information as long as it is necessary and relevant for our operations. In addition, we may retain personal information from closed accounts to comply with national laws, prevent fraud, collect any fees owed, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigation, enforce our User Agreement and take other actions permitted or required by applicable national laws.

We shall not process data or facilitate or support others in processing, for purposes of discrimination against people based on personal attributes, eligibility determinations, surveillance,  Selling, licensing, or purchasing Platform Data, Placing Platform Data on a search engine or directory without our prior express written consent, reverse-engineer, materially changing the scope of Processing of previously collected Platform Data, Processing friend lists from Facebook to establish social connections without users prior express written consent.
Furthermore, we shall not request Restricted Platform Data unless it is necessary to meaningfully improve the quality of the applicable User's experience in the specific product or service for which the User shared the data.

We shall make reasonable efforts to keep Platform Data up to date; and in particular users shall have an easily accessible and clearly marked way to ask for their Platform Data to be modified or deleted.

We delete all Platform Data as reasonably possible when it is no longer necessary for a legitimate business purpose, when we stop operating the product or services, when required by applicable law or regulations.

GDPR Clause as per EU regulation 679/2016
The user consent and acknowledge herein freely and without deficiencies, especially if he was present in the territorial scope of the European union, to grant EUROMED or any of its sister companies websites or applications, the unconditional right to store and treat his personal data according to the terms and conditions of the GDPR number 679/2016.

This consent given by the user onto his personal data treatment to EUROMED is given expressly according to articles 6 and 7 from the GDPR. The use of the site and the browsing content, and the conduct of any transactions using this site imply consent to all the terms and conditions of use of the site without reservation or objection

EUROMED shall give the user as defined in the GDPR the related rights as described in article 12 and follow from the GDPR.
The Site may be dealing with the transfer and storage of data in any other state if keeping such data requires doing so. By using the services available at the website, the user grants his approval on the data treatment to the site and the company owning this site.
Applicable Laws
The laws of the Lebanese state shall be applicable exclusively in respect to the conflicts that may arise from the use of this website, and also the Lebanese state courts shall be competent exclusively to settle such disputes.

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